man or Woman Lying On Front Receiving Cupping Treatment On Back

(Vacuum) cupping is a method in which muscle, tissue and fascia are pulled AWAY from one another in an attempt to help break up loosen tight muscles, decrease pain and increase circulation. Cupping may leave large, dark “bruises” on your skin but is most frequently not painful during or after the process.

*Vacuum cupping is only different from fire cupping in the method in which is used to produce suction. As a bona fide and self-proclaimed klutz, I will NOT be implementing fire cupping into my practice.*

30 Minute Cupping Session – $45


At this time - and for the first time in my 11 year career as a massage therapist - I am unable to accept any new clients or submissions for my wait list.

I HIGHLY recommend MY personal massage therapist and suite mate, Allison Tilden. She can be reached at (804) 349-9027, or click here for online, instant scheduling!

I welcome you to still submit your contact information so that I can reach out when I am once again able to accept new clients.

I do look forward to working with you all!


Alyson Schlobohm, LMT