After Hours Building Access

Both the front and rear doors of the building in which we are located are locked outside of normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and on the weekends.

There is a lock box at the rear door to allow our clients access in to the building during these times.

Our lockbox is the one labeled #3.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Standing at the back door to the building, the lock box will be on your left.
  2. Locate the lockbox labeled 3.
  3. At the top of the lockbox, there is a little flap you push down to expose the numbers; the code was provided in your appointment confirmation email.
  4.  Enter the code, then at the bottom of the lockbox, push down on the little wheel-type lever and pull toward you.
  5. The flap should open and expose a key which unlocks the two locks on the door; there is a deadbolt and bottom lock.
  6. Both locks are counterintuitive (sorry) – turn the lock the opposite of what you would normally do to open the door.
  7. Please place the key back in the lockbox when you are through, shut it and scramble the numbers.
  8. Once in the building, please lock the deadbolt behind you.

Please note, when you are leaving after hours or on the weekends, the door should automatically lock behind you; it is NOT your responsibility to lock it when you leave (though we are so appreciative for those who have done so in the past!).

If you have any issues, please give me a shout! (804) 516-4285.