Remedies For Sprains, Strains, Jams and Inflammation

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A hand injury for a massage therapist is a terrible thing.

A hand injury on the index finger and joint of the dominant hand for a massage therapist during a big move and expansion is a really terrible thing!

For some reason yesterday, 3-4 days after the incident, was the worst of them all. Opening a door with my right hand was impossible, the resistance of a rubber band around my pointer was excruciating and any contact with it was unbearable. (Though I could pick up and move heavy boxes without flinching – it was odd!)

Thankfully, and thanks to the AMAZING guidance to use some magical ointments from Tan-A, cold laser therapy from my chiropractor and my usual go-tos, (see below) today is a MUCH better day! I didn’t wake up in pain all night long, I can open doors and I’m more optimistic that I will be able to take my appointments on Monday. Fingers crossed!

*Update: I was not able to return to work on Monday, as I’d hoped, but I was able to go back on Tuesday and for the rest of the week with a lessened workload. However, I was beyond thrilled with the rapidness at which this painful injury healed! I do also recommend continuing to use these products for a while – I still occasionally feel some residual issues if I move a certain way or use my hand without thinking.*

Items and instructions:


Tiger Balm:


Tieh Yao Gin:…/…/B001VMO6FQ…

For the last two items, “baste” area with Zheng, GENTLY massaging the wounded area, let it dry. Coat with Tieh Yao Gin (TYG), which is brown and sticky, and wrap in gauze. 3 hours later unwrap and baste Zheng again. Repeat as necessary. 

I really recommend buying the last two items locally, the price was $10 more in my Amazon cart than they were at Tan-A Market at the corner of Horsepen and Broad.